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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Vacation - Tuesday

Everyone but me went to the Saint George temple this morning. I didn’t have my recommend with me. So when they all woke up around 6am or 6:30 I got to sleep in until 7:30am. I did throw on some clothes and eat breakfast with them. I had toast with peanut butter topped with bananas and some apple juice. I also grabbed a USA Today newspaper on my way into the breakfast room. It’s seems odd that I only read the newspaper when I’m in a hotel. But I really do love the paper. USA Today is my favorite. Anyways, I read that while I munched on my toast. On my way back I made myself a hot cocoa. That was about 8:30am. The family left for the temple around that time.

I turned on the tv really quick while I was getting ready and I got sucked into ‘Moonlight’ episodes. I love that show. Alex is so sexy. I finally showered after I watched a couple of episodes. Like I said, I got sucked in. They were showing the really good ones. lol. One of my favorite episodes was on. The one where you find out about Josef’s half-vamp girlfriend. I love Josef. He is so funny but he really cares too.

Since we are going to see ‘The Winter’s Tale’ this afternoon I needed to read the rest of the play before that. So I read for a couple of hours. I actually finished the book about ten minutes before we got to Cedar City. For this play they set it in more modern era so the actor’s were dressed in suits and pretty Victorian-esque dresses. It was really great for me. I was imagining as I read the play old-English clothes, not Victorian suits. So even though I just read the play I saw it differently. That was fun. The play itself is a great play. I loved seeing it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. In the program there is a summary of the play. Mom and Dad read it. And I skimmed through it. Brian and Steven just watched the play. But they said they weren’t confused. They could follow along easily enough. It really is a pretty easy play to follow. A few of those actors were so cute, in and out of costume. lol.

We went to Red Robin for dinner and as always it was good. Brian actually got two burgers. It was pretty funny. He finished his first one and was still hungry so he got another one. For dessert we went to Iceberg and got ice cream shakes. Then we went to the Saint George temple visitor center. And then we went back to the hotel. We were going to go swimming or something. Mom and Dad went to bed early and I turned on the tv. So we didn’t go swimming. I ended up watching ‘Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension’. (It’s the movie.) It was okay. I prefer other shows to that but it was a nice random show to relax to.

I went to bed, and sleep shortly after, around 11:30pm. I got another blanket from room service because last night I got cold sleeping on the hide-a-bed/couch.

We are heading to Vegas tomorrow. We’ll leave here around 10am or 11am.

The Winter's Tale that we saw. It was really good.

Ticket stub.

My book. I really like the blue. It goes well with the winter theme. lol.

The Saint George temple at night

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