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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Last Few Days and Working a Game

This week has been okay. I worked on Monday, as the previous post mentions, and I also worked on Wednesday. The tickets sold out for the game on Tuesday so my second day was pretty easy. I just had a couple of questions that weren't about tickets for the game today. I also got put in the system at work so I can get paid next week like everyone else. I couldn't quite get an ID yet at that time. It needed to be processed completely before they could give me one. With an ID I'll be able to ride the trax without having to pay for my ticket every time.

I watched 'Hawaii Five-0' on Wednesday. I thought it was really good. They have an added twist to the bad guy this season so it'll be interesting to see how that pans out this season. I would have watched 'Survivor' but Mom had some meetings. We watched that Thursday.

Yesterday I went up to the U of U after my walk and before the movie. I got my Uid. So that’s nice. I left my Uid number at home and no one was home so I asked Ammon to go in through the garage and look it up for me. But now that I have my id I’ll always have that id number with me now. And I don't have to pay for trax now.

Also yesterday I went to a movie with Ammon. We went to see ‘Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon’. I thought it was the best one of the four. I liked the comic relief of a few of the characters. If they weren’t in it the movie would be really boring. Afterward we went and ate a late lunch at Subway. I haven’t had Subway for a while. It was really good. I also had a Barg’s root beer that had caffeine in it. It was yummy. In Utah you can’t really find Barg’s with caffeine. They make it specially for Utah without it. So odd. I like it with caffeine. (What’s with the caffeine tangent? lol.)

General Conference is today and tomorrow. I listened to the first session but not the second. I was working this afternoon and lost track of time. I really liked the few talks I heard. They were great. It reminded me I need to be better at my personal scripture reading. And I really love President Thomas S Monson. He is always so funny when he speaks.

I worked today for our home game against the University of Washington. Today there were several people at work. There were a few tickets that we got back from Washington this morning. But a few days ago this game was sold out. We sold the tickets we got back pretty quickly too. By 1pm the game was completely sold out again. Something random that happened, the alarm button was accidentally pushed. So the police came and they had to reset the button. It was kind of funny. Two hours before the game actually started (which was 5pm today) we got the will call windows up and running. I was working the L-O window. It was really fun and easy working the will call window. You give people their tickets and take tickets people want to drop off. Pretty simple, really. An hour after kickoff it died down a lot. No one was really coming up and getting tickets. We closed at halftime. (They close at halftime on game days.) I didn't want to stay for the game, and probably never will, so I caught the next train home. I almost fell asleep on the train. I'm really surprised I didn't. lol.

And now as I type I am really falling asleep so I'm going to go to bed now. :)

PS. The Utes lost to the Huskies, 31-14.

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