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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Vacation - Wednesday

We woke up this morning around the 7am hour. I woke up at around 7:30am. After breakfast and everyone was dressed we headed off to Las Vegas. We left the Saint George hotel just before 11am. We decided to go see Brigham Young’s winter home. So we went and took a tour of that. Then we were really on our way out of town.

When we got to Las Vegas we checked into our hotel. We are staying in The Excalibur. After bringing in our luggage we walked around the hotels and the strip. We went to Mandalay Bay and picked up our tickets for ‘The Lion King’ from will call. I bought a program and some cute lion earrings then too. We went to the MM Store and I almost bought a cute green MM purse but I didn’t. I decided it would just become a thing I would never use. But I do really like it. After walking for a long time we stopped to have dinner at around 5:30pm. (And that is East Coast time. Not Utah time. Vegas is one hour behind Utah.) After we got dinner we had an hour before the show so we went back to our rooms. I took a half an hour nap. I was really irritated and tired from all that walking. I wanted to be awake for the play tonight.

So just before 7pm we got ready for the play and then headed off to Mandalay Bay. ‘The Lion King’ was every bit of awesome I had heard it was. It was SO COOL! I loved it! The music is fantastic. But the costumes … Oh man, were they inventive and SO much fun! They are what really make this musical stand out from the others. It’s incredible! Our seats were great! We were really close to the stage but not too close. They were perfect. I highly recommend seeing ‘The Lion King’ if you ever get the chance.

After the show, when we went back to our room, Steven, Brian, and I watched an episode of ‘Mythbusters’ before we went to bed. I was almost falling asleep during the episode. I was really tired.

Tomorrow we head off to Zion’s National Park.

My thoughts on Vegas: I think I could love seeing shows here but other than that I do not like the city. I have a funny feeling being here. I loved seeing ‘The Lion King’ but I really don’t like the people trying to hand you stuff on the street corners, or the smoky, loud casino floor room, or the loud traffic that really is all day and night. I just don’t like it here. I am glad we are only staying the one night. The cigarette smoke I don’t like at all. I hate the smell and it’s everywhere here.

There was palm trees at our hotel.
Say "Hi" to Brian. He is opening the car door for me. lol.

Brigham Young Winter Home ... We took a tour. It was interesting.

On our way to Las Vegas this Lamborghini sped past us. Dad told us to look out the left window and then we saw it. My brothers and I whipped out our cameras to catch a photo of it. It was funny.
This is our view out the hotel window. We get an nice view of a parking lot. lol.

This my brothers comparing our Bible to the one in the hotel room. It was a Gideon Bible.

We went to the MM store. That was fun.

We went to the Bellagio Hotel and watched the fountain.

This is our hotel. The Excalibur.

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