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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cold Football

The past couple of days I have had off work. It's been nice. I have been relaxing and not liking the weather. lol. It turned cold here in Utah. The mountains have snow on them. I have also been packing for our family vacation we're having next week. I started packing yesterday but could not focus on it for the life of me. I just finished packing the main stuff tonight. I wrote a list of all the random extra stuff I need to pack Sunday night. You know things like toothbrush, makeup, camera, laptop. That sort of stuff. So I'm all packed for now. :)

There was a football game today that I worked. The game started at 1:30pm so I worked morning through halftime at about 3pm. It was busy. It was nice though. It made the time pass by quickly. When I left at halftime the Utes were losing. And it turns out they caught up and made it a close game until the very end. Then Arizona State University ran away with it. Final score: Sun Devils def. Utes, 35-14.

Right now I'm gonna clean up my room because while packing I made a mess of it. Then I'll sit down and watch the rest of LOTR with Dad. He is watching The Two Towers.

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