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Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Vacation - Monday

This morning we left for our family vacation. We aimed to leave at 9am. We woke up at 7am and had prayer. I actually didn’t sleep all that well last night. I woke up about three times. (Every time I woke up I got up and turned Satine’s heat on so she could stay warm. I really need to get a new heat pad again that stays on all the time. Sooner then later because it’s becoming wintertime.) Anyways, we all piled in the car after we were completely packed and the car wouldn’t start. lol. The battery had died down because the doors were open all morning. So we plugged in the battery charger and waited a few minutes. Then it started and we were officially on our way at 9:30am.

I read a little bit of the play for about an hour. I decided last week to read ‘The Winter’s Tale’ before we go and see it on Tuesday. It’s odd reading it and not seeing what is going on because I didn’t find out Hermione was pregnant until the second scene. And she’s really pregnant. She gives birth in the next scene. But knowing that she is makes the first part make more sense. In the biography that I read about Shakespeare, Stanley H. Wells said that Shakespeare’s plays really were made for an audience and a stage not necessarily for reading. So hopefully when we watch the play on Tuesday at the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City my family will not be confused. I won’t because I will have read the play by then.

On Saturday I asked, via Facebook, if anyone wanted to snake sit for me this week. Satine started shedding last week and with the weather predicted to be cold this week I felt more comfortable having someone check on her. I would have preferred to move her to someone’s house for the week because he heat pad that I am using now turns off after an hour and I like to keep it on as often as I can. Ammon, who so graciously volunteered, said his mom didn’t want her in the house. So I just gave him a key. I told him to come in the morning and turn the light on and the heat pad on. And then come again at night and turn the light off and turn the heat pad on again. I also asked him to fill up Satine’s water dish if it’s empty and to make sure her house/box is in the heat corner. She’ll be fine but I know that I’ll love seeing her when I get back. I always miss her when I go on a trip.

Today we stopped at Kolob Canyon in Zions on our way to Saint George. We went on a mile hike to a scenic lookout spot. It was really pretty. We could see the Grand Canyon too.

We got to Saint George a little after 3pm. We checked into our hotel and then Mom and Dad went and ran some errands. Steven and I went and swam in the pool for a half an hour. And Brian stayed in the room and worked on his talk that he is giving on Sunday. At 5pm we went to dinner at Iggy’s. I got the Parmesan Chicken with pasta. The idea was good but the food was just okay. I have had way better Parmesan Chicken made elsewhere. I did get a hot chocolate that was super yummy.

Tonight we went to see ‘The Little Mermaid’ at Tuachan. I thought it was great! I had heard the music before so I was really looking forward to seeing the musical. It was funny and really good. I liked how they used the stage to its full capacity. There were stage extensions and they had water on the stage and even fire and bubbles. It was great. Next season they are showing ‘Aladdin’. I didn’t know that Disney was making that one into a “Broadway” play.

We got back to the hotel after 11:30pm. I went to bed at about 12am.

And photos ... as always, click on them to make them larger.

Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon ... it's pretty.

We walked this mile long scenic trail. It was nice.

Steven and Brian and I all taking a photo of ...

... a little tiny lizard. lol.

That light blue mountain/rock is the rim of the Grand Canyon.

It's way out there.

The Hanging Valley ... I think that's so cool.

Due to copyright stuff, no pictures were allowed during 'The Little Mermaid' but I took this before it started. It really was an awesome show.

The Program is so simple. I really like it.

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