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Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Vacation - Friday

I woke up just after 7am. We had breakfast at the hotel. It was okay. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some waffles. They don’t have any peanut butter though.

At 8pm we left the hotel and heading into Zion. We, minus Mom, hiked the Hidden Canyon trial. We were hiking for about three hours.

We went back to the hotel at about 1pm. We decided to relax here for a bit and go swimming. The pool water was really cold. We didn’t stay there very long.

At about 2pm we left the hotel to go to the tunnel. Then we went and hiked Angel’s Landing.

After our hike and a change of clothes we went to dinner. I got spaghetti and French fries. It was really yummy.

At 9:30pm we got back to the hotel and within minutes of changing into pjs I was sleeping. I’m sore from walking and hiking all day.

There are a lot of photos. So enjoy them. Some are really random too. lol.

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