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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tennis Time

Last night I was to tired to stay up and watch Roger Federer's second round match. So I am waiting for 2pm when ESPN does their tennis coverage. They should (*crosses fingers*) re-show the match. Until then I am avoiding the AO website, Twitter, and Facebook. All of which will give my spoilers to the match outcome. lol. It's a good morning to read my book and not be on the laptop at all. lol.

It's tough when the tournaments are half way around the world. The time difference is killer for me. The night matches for the Australian Open start at 1am my time. And when the players are good the matches last for hours. And 1am is only if the game starts at 7pm Aussie-time. If my players are in the second night match I have to wait even longer. lol. It's silly but I still get up to watch the finals and semifinals anyway.

The other tournaments are not too bad of a time difference. If the night matches start at 7pm... London's night matches start at 12pm my time. Paris' night matches start at 11am my time. New York's night matches start at 5pm my time.

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