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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Surprise

The snow itself wasn't a surprise. I knew this snow storm was coming.

After work I rode the train home like I always do. After 40 mins of being on the train and seeing all the snow I wasn't really looking forward to sweeping the snow off my car. I was tired and cold and I just didn't want to do it.

So I was surprised when walking to my car that they was less snow on my car then everyone else's. I was thinking some nice stranger had swept of another stranger's car. That's a nice random act of kindness. But then I walked around my car to the driver's side and saw Mark the Sheep in the snow.

I laughed. My brother had swept the snow off for me and left his little sheep cartoon. Actually it was big. You can see that drop at the bottom of the photo. That's the curb. lol.

All I  did was do a quick brush off one more time and I was good to go.

It was a nice random act of kindness that I really appreciated  It was a long and busy day at work. I was tired coming home so I was grateful that I didn't have to be out in the snow and the cold longer the necessary.

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