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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I think I make resolutions every year but I never really do any of them. This year I'm setting some goals that I really want to achieve this year. They are good ones.
  1. First and foremost, I want to get out of debt completely. I have debt on my credit card that I'm still paying off. And I owe my parents some money still too. This year I want to be debt-free.
  2. I've been really bad at paying my tithing. This year I'd like to be a full tithe payer. Maybe I'll notice the blessings of giving back to the Lord. I seem to never take note of the good things, only the bad.
  3. My room is a mess. There is no room to store all the things I have. This year I want to get rid of some of those items. Like old papers, clothes I never wear, things I don't ever use. I feel like I'm keeping stuff that I'll never need. Mostly paper. For some reason I'm a hoarder of paper. Things like receipts, ticket stubs, holiday and birthday cards, magazines, etc. There are a few papers that I should keep for tax purposes but the rest I really don't need.
  4. As far as a more personal, fun thing this year I'd like to chat on FOJG (Friends of Josh Groban) more often. I know I said that last year but this year I mean it. I miss my sisters and I feel like I missing out on their lives and them on mine. (Which isn't too exciting at the moment but it could be. lol.) Also with a new CD and tour (hopefully soon) then the boards are going to be really fun this year. There are always newbies that are fun to talk to.
  5. Also something fun and totally frivolous, I'd like to join in Chantelle Ellem's (aka: FatMumSlim) photo-a-day. I tried it a couple of months ago and I dropped out half way through the month. But I'm starting again. New month. New prompts
And that's pretty much it this year. Five items. 365 days to improve them.

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