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Thursday, January 24, 2013

AO Semi - Novak Djokovic vs David Ferrer

Novak Djokovic vs David Ferrer. Australian Open 2013 semifinal.

Novak ran away with the first set in 29 minutes at 6-2. And also the second set in 34 minutes at 6-2. Novak was completely out-playing David. Just to clarify David is still playing great tennis and they had some great rallies. But he misses his shots a lot more then Novak does. Novak is just so much better. Novak took the third set at 6-1 in 26 minutes. So in an hour and half Novak wins the semifinal and moves on to defend his 2012 Australian Open title.

To be honest this match was quite boring and a little bit disappointing to watch because it was so one sided. Novak was playing better then David.

Novak goes to hit a ball during his semifinal match.

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