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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holidays and Rooms

So I have been really bad at updating my blog. lol. And I have things to talk about. Like Christmas and my room and the bathroom and um ... yeah that's about it.

So ...

Christmas was fun. Since it was on a Sunday we had church. Steven and I went to our parent's family ward. They had all the children doing a program. It was only sacrament meeting so that was nice. (It's always something like a program / just sacrament meeting whenever Christmas Day falls on a Sunday.) It breaks with our tradition though of staying in our new pjs all day. We have to get dressed for church. lol. Oh well. I got so fun stuff. As a last minute addition to my Christmas list I put a new stereo / CD player on there. And I got one. I didn't expect to get one so that was a surprise. This one is cool because in addition to the five CD changer it has a place for a MP3 player hookup, with a little shelf to keep it while it with the stereo. That really nice. It's an AUX cable hookup so it works with any MP3 player. I got a new shirt and jeans. But they were both too big so Mom and I exchanged them. Mom's gift (the reason for the exchange) was a new shirt and jeans. But I also got a new spring dress (which is striped and actually really cute), a teal cardigan, and a couple of new tank tops. My older tanks are too small. I still need to go back and see if the have any whites there. They were out of my size when I got the pink and black one. I feel like I got something else while we were there but I can't remember. Shirt, shirt, dress, jeans ... Oh well, I got a new slip too but that doesn't really count does it? lol. I got lots of small things too. I got a puzzle (which we put it together already), socks, candy, a super bright flashlight, a couple of pairs of earrings, popcorn ... Chad/Amber gave me an adorable Thumper (the rabbit from 'Bambi') stuffed animal. It's official Disney merchandise (or so the tag says) so he looks exactly like Thumper and he is really soft. Steven gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card. I'm saving it for one of the books I want in paperback. If I use it wisely maybe I can use it for two of them. But I haven't looked to much into that because I'm not ready to read any other books yet. (I'm almost done with The Two Towers.) One of my Grobie sisters sent me a gift to. We can do that because we live in the States. It's more difficult to send our Europe sisters gifts because all that international stuff. We send cards though. (I say we but I have yet to send anything to anyone. I'm such a bad friend. I've known them for about three years and I have never sent a card. Bad Krysta. lol. I've never had extra money. But I'm working on a Groban stash so I can use that. Random. I know.) Anyways, Theresa sent me a bag that she was planning on donating to Grobanites for Charity but I asked for it instead. lol. She sent my goodies to. Like chocolate, a yo-yo, some nail art things, oh and she sent Josh. I LOVE that part! It was so unexpected. It's a Straight to You tour pass with a fabulous photo of Josh Groban on it. I hung it on my door. It makes me smile. From the Grandparents I got a handmade lovely, fluffy (seriously it's so soft) scarf and hat, cute Santa Claus salt and pepper shakers, and money, among other things. I think that's about it for Christmas.

The bathroom has been painted and tiled and has been waiting for the shower glass to be put in for a couple of weeks. Last week, Thursday I think, the guy came and put the glass in. It's done now. And the bathroom looks so much nicer now. Dad made the shower slightly larger because he wanted to get rid of the gap between the shower and the counter. It's nice to not have that gap there. Spiders would die there and Brian and I were to lazy to vacuum them up. lol. But I really seems like the shower is bigger. I probably has to do with the glass not having stripes on it too. It's clear, minimal frame, two-way swinging door, shower now. It's really nice. I also like that the walls are darker and not so crazy yellow. I never liked getting ready in there because it had odd lighting. But now I don't mind it. My next task with the bathroom is to organize the drawers and underneath the sink. I saw some nice, clear divider things at Target yesterday that I want. I can't buy them yet but I wanted to organize it all soon anyways. (That is on my to-do list for tomorrow morning.) I have to remember not to expand my stuff over to the other three drawers because Eric is going to want space when he gets home next month. I'll see what I can do. lol.

Speaking of organizing, my room is pretty much done. Yeah, I know I've been saying that for a while. But this time it's true. I just have aesthetic things to do now. I have a box of magazines to sort through. But it's in a box so it's not as much of an eyesore as when they were in piles on the floor or in a laundry basket. And I'm covering all of my books to be white. But I need more gift wrap from the dollar store. More about that project when I'm finished. :) I have found that I have a lot of t-shirts that I still don't wear so I'd like to sort through those (again) and get rid of some of them. I was thinking I'd put them all in a box and if I wear it during a month period it gets kept and put in the drawer. The other ones get donated or have to have a really good reason for staying. I thought I had paired it down enough before but I still feel like I have tons of shirts. lol. I never really had a spot for my laundry baskets in the other room and I made sure that I have a spot for them in this room. Guess where I put them? My laundry basket sits in them, which is in my closet, next to my extra hangers. (Did you know I have different hangers then the rest of the house? I wanted my own non-mismatched set. So a few years ago I bought my own. It's really nice. lol.)

Let's see ... It's a new year! 2012! That's big. It's doesn't seem like it should be 2012. I graduated high school in 2006. And it certainly does not feel like it has been six years since then. ... I don't really have any major goals for this year, just I renewed vigor to do the old goals. Read scriptures daily, pay tithing, blog, be happy. This year I did want to actually do some of the creative stuff I have in mind. Actually, the white book thing is the first thing I'm doing with that. I might read Shakespeare this year but I have a feeling not so much. I have several other books I'd like to read this year so I have a feeling I won't get to those this year. I still want to read them someday. lol. Also this year I am hoping that I can keep my room way more organized, and clean, that before. So far I'm liking it so that should be okay to do. Before I would not have space and I would get bored so things ended up on the floor. As far as the actual year's events go ... I have two wedding scheduled so far, a niece being born, Eric comes home next month, and I have the tennis Opens already in my calender. (The Australian Open starts on Monday. Yay!) Who knows what else is going to happen this year. lol. Steven, or I, could get married. But I don't foresee that happening. Maybe, maybe, engaged but not married. lol. (Neither one of us is dating at the moment, just so you know.)

Um ... Saturday Song posts. I was going to mention those. You may, or may not, have noticed that I haven't posted any this year yet. I'm still debating on if I want to do that weekly or just monthly. I am leaning more toward monthly because I don't know if I have enough songs in mind to do 52-ish of them. I'll look later this week and see if I do or not. If I do then I'll most certainly post last weeks post as well as schedule several of them for the future.

I think that all the topics I wanted to talk about. Unless you want to hear how my reading of LOTR has been going? lol. (I still super fun, btw.)

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