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Thursday, January 26, 2012

AO Semifinal: Roger vs. Rafa

The first semifinal of the Australian Open was played last night. I had to watch it. My two favorite guys in tennis. How could I not watch it. Whenever Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal take the court against (or with) each other I always try and watch it. The match was played at 7:30pm Australian-time. So 1:30am Utah-time. (I just love the time difference. *said sarcastically*) I made a plan and stuck with it. I went to bed early and got about four hours of sleep before I woke up at 1:15am to settle in for a long match. I knew it would be long because these two great guys always battle it out on the court. I love the on-court rivalry that Roger and Rafa have. It's epic. Anyways, the match was so intense but totally awesome! I was always rooting for Roger because I love him. But I also really like Rafa so I was torn at certain parts. lol. The first set had a tiebreaker (with Roger winning) and it lasted 57 minutes. The second set went to Rafa. And the third set also had a tiebreaker with Rafa winning. That third set was so intense. I was yelling at the computer and willing Roger to hold his serves and break Rafa's. (But he did really listen to me. lol.) I was pretty downhearted for a minute after that set. But I mustered my will and happy thoughts and directed them toward Roger. I really wanted him to do good and win. At one point the commentator said that if Roger won then Rafa wins as well because everyone will know that he put his all into the match. But if Rafa won then Roger loses because he just loses. That was his mindset at least. And I have to disagree with that thought. I think that whoever wins the match between Roger and Rafa put all their energy into it. No one really lost. But I guess it's an opinion that I don't share. lol. Before the match started when the commentators were analyzing the match and making all their predictions and all that fun stuff I did agree with something they said. They said that this match would be great because there was no pressure of actually winning the Australian Open. It was just a semifinal so it could just be really good tennis. And it was! I painted my nails early on just so that I wouldn't be tempted to bite them during the match. lol. (They are a lovely shade of gold.) Something random and fun was that it was Australia Day so during the match they actually had a break while the fireworks were set of for the celebration. I don't think it helped or hindered either Roger or Rafa. They did get a little bit of a respite so they were ready for the rest of the set.

Rafael Nadal def. Roger Federer in the semifinal of the 2012 Australian Open.

So stats ... 

It was a great 3 and a half hours. lol.

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