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Monday, January 16, 2012

Australian Open 2012

The 2012 Australian Open started this weekend. Since Australia is six hours ahead of me in terms of time, it was Monday for them but it was Sunday night for me when the tournament started. I did some prep work beforehand. I decided to print out the men's draw and keep track on paper. I did want to listen to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal play their matches but I was tired around 11pm when they were getting ready to play. Well, Roger had a night match so it was more like 1am for me when he played. But Rafa played a day match. They both made it past the first round. I wasn't too worried about them not making it. I read their post match interviews today. It's very interesting reading the interviews this year. The politics of tennis is changing. And the press is gonna ask about it. (Rafa already told the press he won't talk anymore about it. Only tennis.) I think that things do need to change. The players need more of a say in what goes on with these tournaments. They need a player's union. Especially for the US Open with all the rain that goes on there. I think last September is when all this talk started. I'm sure this year will be very interesting to watch the behind-the-scenes of tennis as well as the actual tennis this year. I am hoping that Roger can get on top of things this year and win a few majors. In terms of ATP rankings, as of today, Monday, January 16, Novak Djokovic is #1 with 13,630 points. Rafael Nadal is #2 with 9,595 points. Roger Federer is #3 with 8,010 points. And Andy Murray is #4 with 7,380 points. So I'm not sure if Roger can overtake Novak unless Novak is having a bad year. Which I'm pretty sure he won't. But we'll have to see what the future holds in the world of tennis.

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