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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spaces and Spots

I feel like I haven't written for a while. And there are fun stuff to write about. lol.

I have my 2012 planner/calender all set. I'm glad I have it done that way I don't have to do it in the new year. I even wrote in what my Grobie Sister's addresses. That way I'd have them for easy access. I highlighted birthdays and anniversaries like I always do. I even penciled in some key events that I already know about. At the back I have a list of birthdays and anniversaries for my family. I put it on a shipping label in the very back cover of the planner. I think I'll do that from now on. It is very convenient.I like that I have to carry around two planners every December. It's funny. I'm glad they are different colors or else I would get really confused. lol.

I have been moving into the "new" bedroom the past week or so. It's all painted and ready. I moved furniture in with some help. Dad had said I can't put anything on the shelves for a couple of days so I haven't done that yet. I know I can now but I've been busy. The only things in there, besides the furniture, is the books on the tall bookshelf and my hanging up clothes. I plan on moving my drawer clothes in there tonight. (I did laundry yesterday and I need to fold them.) I have been sleeping on my bed but it isn't totally made. I put a blanket on top of the mattress which I sleep on top of. And I have my two comforters on top of that. I need to put the bed-skirt and correct sheets on the bed. It fun to have my saucer chair back. I like sitting in it and reading or being on the laptop. Although It does need some big pillow for back support. I guess I'll pull out my toss pillows from the garage when I go looking for the sheets. I might not have any stuff put away but I pretty much planned it all out on paper (random sketches) already. So it shouldn't take too long to put everything where it is going to belong. I am hoping that everything will have a spot and I will be able to keep this room clean. I feel like the other room had no room. lol. I post pictures soon.

Satine is still in the other room. I did find her a new heat pad. It is not what I was looking for but it still works great. It's probably better because it can hide completely underneath the tank because it is a small heat pad. While I was at the pet store, where the heat pad was bought, I saw something that I thought Satine would like. Since she is a python and likes to hang from stuff I got her some bamboo branches. I haven't put them in yet but I'm sure she'll like them.

The Saturday Song posts for December need to be created but I know what songs are going with what week, so that part is done. They are all Christmas songs but they are my favorite. I listed all my favorites and then picked five I really like. I might do a bonus post because I really want to do one song but it is instrumental.

I have been thinking I might make a quilt to go on my bed. It's just gonna be a light blanket sort of quilt that is bigger then a queen-size. I can use it for when I watch movies and stuff too. I want to make it with greens, teals, some white, and possibly a park purple for pizazz. I want it to bigger then a queen-size so that I looks good on my bed. I have to figure out the measurements still. I think a king-size would be too big. I really like the pattern (or lack of pattern) of this green quilt so I was thinking of doing something similar. But I also don't want binding (hard to explain that ... I'll have to show you) and I plan on tying the blanket with white yarn. It'll have a thin batting in the middle for warmth and stability.

I have been watching 'Stargate SG-1' still. I am on season five. Since I started working I have slowed down on watching them. I think I have four or five more episodes until the end of the season.

This weekend Kimberlee and I went to dinner and to see 'Breaking Dawn'. I thought the movie was really good. It follows the book really well which is great. They split the four book into two movies and I like where this first one left off. I think it;s perfect. I really liked the second half of the book so it;ll be interesting to see how they do that. The second part comes out in November, 2012. (I thought it came out in the spring but I guess I was wrong.)

Dad has been redoing the bathroom for a while now. He painted the room and redid the counter top already. And he ripped out the shower. I think they picked out tile because Dad is going to tile the shower on Wednesday. And then the shower glass guys have to come and install the door soon after that. So I think I get to have the bathroom back next week or the week after. Right now I am sharing the upstairs bathroom with Steven.

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