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Friday, November 4, 2011

Long Day Today

Today was hectic at work. First off, I didn’t sleep very well last night so I was late getting to work. And then I was tired all day. Tonight there was a men’s basketball game and a soccer game at the same time so there was lots of scrambling to get all that set up. They are the first games of the season. I was on the phones so I wasn’t doing the running around but it still put me on edge a little with all the managers trying to figure everything out. Also our ticket system was/is being all messed up today and so the managers decided to change all of our permissions to manager rights so that it works for right now. The system people still have to figure it out. So now I still sell stuff like normal but I have some extra features which I was told to do nothing with. Just ignore those features. Luckily, I didn’t have many hard sells that required me to use any of the features that I don’t understand. It’s all like normal. Hopefully the system people figure it out soon so that we can go back to the old settings that us normal employees have.

Tonight I worked at the men’s basketball game. I worked the will call window. It was like the football will call for the most part. This time we had season basketball tickets in will call as well. And the basketball will call is at the Huntsman Center where the basketball court is. At around 4:30pm or 5pm we shut down the stadium ticket office and all went down to the Huntsman Center. I walked over and I actually beat the train. I would have taken the train but right before I left the office there was a train going that direction so I knew the next train wouldn’t be for a while. I knew I could walk there faster. I did. lol. I think I prefer to work football will call over basketball will call. It got a little crazy with so many people. lol. After the game I just caught the train at the South Campus stop which is right next to the Huntsman Center.

I plan on going to bed shortly after getting home. Hopefully I am not so tired tomorrow as I felt today. I work all day tomorrow too. I’m scheduled to work from 10am-8:30pm, same as today. There is a women’s basketball game that I am working tomorrow night.

Next week’s work schedule is crazy too. The beginning of the week isn’t too bad. But Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I work from 10am-8pm.

I don’t know my schedule for the next week after that yet. I’ll know that on Monday. I did ask for Saturday morning, the 19th, off. There is a Relief Society Stake Service Project that I’d like to go to. There is a football game that night but my supervisor said that shouldn’t be a problem to get the morning off. I’ll just come in at noon or 1pm.

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