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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frivolous Day

Okay so I haven't been blogging very regularly. I blame work. lol.

Today I had work off. I went and did some frivolous shopping while looking for a new heat pad for Satine. I went to Walmart and Target. I got three Christmas cds, a placemat, a starburst cocktail ring, some gum, a 2012 planner (it lime green!), and a heart pendant. I did not, however, find a heat pad without an automatic shut off. So I'll have to get that from Amazon like I did before. First I'll look at Walgreens and Rite Aid and see if they have any.

They make me happy. :)
Heart pendant and Starburst cocktail ring.

P.S. More about the placemat and ring to come later.

I also had an eye doctor appointment this afternoon. I have been needing to go get a check up for some time now. It's been three years since my last check up and new glasses. My perscription changed three points. Which isn't bad at all. But it really makes a difference. Maybe I'll ask for new lenses for Christmas. lol.

I have been cleaning my room a lot the last couple of days whenever I have time. Like really cleaning. I have turned into a pack-rat. lol. I am throwing away all of the magazines that I have collected minus the sample fragrances. lol. I like to keep those for random occasions. And they smell good. They make me happy. My favorite one so far is Beauty by Calvin Klein. I would buy a bottle but it expensive. lol. Maybe someday I'll get a tiny bottle. (Actually, they have a roller application "bottle" for $25. That's not bad. And I like that method. I have some Velocity perfume that does that.)

I have been trying to think of how I want my room to look in the new room. lol. (Yeah. That made a lot of sense.) I think I'm gonna have tons of fun putting all my stuff away in the new room. I get my own furniture back. Yay!! And compared to my closet now there is a lot more space in the new closet. I only need half the rod space. The top of the closet has more room for my storage (but still commonly used stuff) bins. Right now one of those bins is underneath my bed. I have too much stuff. lol. I have to figure out where I want my bookshelves in the new room. I think they are going to be separated and put on different walls. Which is sort of sad because they have always been, all three, together. lol. Oh well.

Tonight we went over to Joesph's house and watched a movie. They were watching 'The Mission'. Before we started it I thought it was familiar. But I knew I had not seen it before. Then I saw that Ennio Morricone did the music. That's why it's familiar to me. I have a version of "Gabriel's Oboe" that is done by Chris Botti. I love it. There are some great actors in that movie. Namely, Liam Neeson. He is so young in it. lol. I don't how I feel about that. I like him now. But he is still a wonderful actor in that movie. The movie itself is somewhat depressing. But it was still good.

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