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Monday, January 6, 2014

White Flower Wreath progress

Several months ago for a church Relief Society activity we made wreaths. We got felt of our color choice and a twig wreath. The idea was to make felt flowers (which I was all down for) and put them on the wreath. It would look similar to this one, which I do like. But I had a different wreath in mind. I wanted the flowers to be the wreath, like this one. I got the twig wreath though. It's been hanging on my bedroom door for months. I saw a wreath like my twig one that was spray painted bright blue. I kind of like that idea. Maybe I'll spray paint my wreath a bright color someday. Anyways, the reason for this post is because I am finally getting around to hot gluing all those felt flowers I made to a wreath form. I am about halfway done and I love it so far. Here is a progress shot...

I need to buy more white felt and make more flowers. And then I can finish this wreath. I think I'll hang it on my bedroom door when it's done.

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