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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two Gentlemen of Verona

Quotes I like:

"Proteus: ... For he was more than over shoes in love.
Valentine: 'Tis true, for you are over boots in love ..."
(Act 1, Scene 1, lines 24-25.)
This reminds of the phrase "Head over heels in love." I wonder if it came from Shakespeare.

"Lucetta: Fire that's closest kept burns most of all."
(Act 1, Scene 2, line 30.)
I like that line. It's pretty.

"Valentine: Ay, Proteus, but that life is altered now.
I have done penance for contemning Love,
Whose high imperious thoughts have punished me
With bitter fasts, with penitential groans,
With nightly tears, and daily heartsore sighs,
For in revenge of my contempt of love,
Love hath chased sleep from my enthralled eyes
And made them watchers of mine own heart's sorrow.
O gentle Proteus, Love's a mighty lord
And hath so humbled me as I confess
There is no woe to his correction,
Nor, to his service, no such joy on earth.
Now, no discourse except it be of love.
Now can I break my fast, dine, sup and sleep
Upon the very naked name of Love."
(Act 2, Scene 4, line 131-147.)
This speech is full of passion and I love it.

General Thoughts:

Overall, I liked this play. I didn't really agree with the ending. Both Julia and Valentine forgive Proteus all his sins. Proteus forsook Julia, his love, and pursued another woman, Valentine's love, Sylvia. Proteus had Valentine banished so he could pursue Sylvia. And Proteus tried to rape Sylvia in front of a disguised Julia and a hidden Valentine. And they all forgave him! I feel like he is the villain of the play and everyone forgives him in the end. I wouldn't have.

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