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Monday, January 13, 2014

Starburst quilt progress

A few days ago I found the most adorable backing for my Giant Starburst quilt. So I bought some and paired it with a great binding.

I chose Tamara Kate Helen's Garden Enchanted Cream for that backing and dear Stella Confetti Dot Cantaloupe for the binding. They look so lovely with my selection of greens that are to be the front. I LOVE them ALL!

The backing. Isn't it so lovely? It's even more adorable in person.
The binding. It's a fun pop of color for the front and goes great with the back.
Binding and Backing.
And the greens in the correct order.
Before I got my greens I had a plan that was based off of the the computer colors of the greens. I knew I'd probably be changing the order once I had the actual fabric and I was right. I switched a few around.

The plans.
Today I cut all the fabric for the front. It took me a couple of hours because I was checking and double checking the instructions. Remember I'm doing eight colors, not four. So I have to do a bit of checking to make sure I have the right size pieces. And I was occasionally geeking out about how lovely all my colors are. I got into a rhythm and I went faster as I continued cutting. (And I had to stop to get drinks of water and do my laundry.)

After cutting this is the progress so far laid out on the dining room table. With the afternoon sun streaming across.
I'll probably sew a bit on Saturday. Mostly I will sew next Monday. That's my day off and I get a lot done those days.

This is part of a quilt along. Although I'm not keeping up with them. That's okay though. I love it. My first real quilt!

via Canoe Ridge Creations. (HERE)

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