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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In the Mailbox and on the Plate

I was so happy yesterday that my copy of Josh Groban's newest CD came yesterday. I hugged the mail out by the mailbox.

I didn't listen to 'All That Echoes' though because I had things I needed to do. Like finish my laundry  eat dinner, and go to FHE. But I plan on listening to it in a few minutes.

At FHE we decorated plates (or mugs or bowls) with Sharpie markers. I chose a quote from Doctor Who that I think is funny. It makes me laugh every time I hear it. And I really like how it turned out. We baked (and cooled) the dishware after decorating to set the color. But I plan on using it as decoration more then anything.

"Hermits United.
We meet up every ten years.
Swap stories about caves.
It's good fun, for a hermit."
- The Doctor

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