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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All That Echoes

Who want's my thoughts about the songs on Josh Groban's newest CD? No one? Too bad. You get them anyways.

Brave we've been listening to for a few months. But I absolutely love it. I love how the melodies intertwine in this song. The lyrics are awesome to.

False Alarms
It's sort of heavenly in the beginning with the piano. I love it throughout actually. Josh's voice is gorgeous. I got goosebumps a few time during this song. When Josh goes a bit falsetto is when I melt. His voice is great.

Falling Slowly
I have always loved this song. Ever since I first heard I wanted Josh to cover it. And he does a fabulous job. I'm so happy that he has it on this CD. Josh's voice and this song work so well together. I love it. I like how they kept the simple melody of the song too. It's just Josh creating his version of a beautiful song.

She Moved Through the Fair
I really like this song too. I never thought about Josh singing. But this version...SO COOL. He sings slowly in the beginning and it's gorgeous. I like the highland Irish feel that the music carries. It's pretty. This song is very sweeping and melodic. And when you add Josh Groban to that mix it's awesome.

Below the Line
This song is kind of plucky and fun. It's got some sort of fun guitar plucking line throughout that is cool. The lyrics are good. It's about living below you potential and striving to reach it.

E Ti Prometterò (And I Promise You) featuring Laura Pausini
The first non-English song on the album. I like the heartbeat of music that is in the beginning. Laura is incredible as always. I really like her voice. She and Josh are gorgeous singing in Italian together. His baritone and her mezzo-soprano voices work quite well together.

The Moon's a Harsh Mistress
It's a simple song. Just Josh and the piano in the beginning with slow sweeping violins behind. I liked this song overall it was very pretty. I wonder if ...

Un Alma Mas (A Soul) featuring Arturo Sandoval
This song is pretty. I like the melody and the beat of the song. Arturo is a jazz trumpeter. I've always liked the sound of the trumpet when played well. And in this song the little solos that he gets are beautiful.

Happy in My Heartache
This song is the happiest heartache song. It's awesome though. I'm really glad Josh wrote it and is sharing it with the world. I really like the way Josh's voice is in the song. It's like he just sat down and decided to record a song. He is not a well-renowned baritone singer in this song. He is just a mid-twenties guy who plays music and had is heart broken. I like this song a lot actually.

Hollow Talk
This song is hauntingly beautiful. I love the pulse of the piano and the melody. The lyrics are pretty too. This song is simple as far as music and melody go but it works so well. This is great. The music is simple and quiet until it hits the arc then it becomes powerful and commanding. But it works in the song.

Sincera (Sincere)
This song is pretty. I like everything about it. The sweeping of the song and Josh's voice. I love it's in Italian. It sounds so romantic. And the awesome organ and piano combination is way cool.

I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)
When Josh mentioned that this was going to be one of the songs on the album I was very excited to here what they would do with this song. And it is so pretty. I think this my be my favorite song on the album. The arrangement is so awesome and pretty at the same time. This cover of Stevie Wonder's song is so great for Josh to sing. I highly approve. And the way that Josh sings that last "When I fall in love" is so cool. I melted and giggled a bit too much. It was wonderful.

Changing Colours
After Josh did this song live during a concert all of us Grobanites fell in love with it. We all really wanted a studio version. And Josh gave us one. It's beautiful. I really love this song. It's one of my favorites on the CD.

When Josh told us he was covering this Dave Matthews song I was very excited to here it. I love the harp in this song. When Josh first started singing I shivered and got goosebumps. His voice makes me melt in this song. I loved this song to begin with but Josh's versions is so much more awesome then the original. Well, it's different awesome. Josh sings it so wonderfully. I like the soft melodies intertwined with his voice. This arrangement is perfect. Also one of my favorites on the album.

Grazie (Thanks)
This song is very pretty. I like Josh's vocals in this song. They are soft and lovely. And the sweeping strings and lovely piano melodies. This song is a perfect way to end the fan edition CD. So lovely.

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