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Friday, February 3, 2012

Busy Bee, That's Me

*sigh* It has been a long week so far and it's only Friday. lol. I helped work the event on Wednesday night and men's basketball last night. And then I work late tonight for the gymnastics meet. I worked (am working) all day for those three days. That is ten hour days. So I got to work 30+ hours this week, not including the other shifts a did. That's nice. But next week there is not any events going on so I don't get to work as much. I do get Monday and Tuesday off. I can sleep in. It feels like I haven't been able to do that for a few days. Oh wait, I haven't. lol. Anyways ... I don't mind having those days off because this week really has been crazy. Fun. But crazy. This morning I was the only one on the phone and for 50 minutes straight I had calls. It was awesome! lol. I didn't even set the phone down. I just clicked the phone off with the pen (that I had in my hand) and a second later the next call would come through. I was able to see if a call was waiting so that's why I knew not to put the phone down. It was funny because I turned on the phone at 10am (that's when we open) and the next thing I knew it was 10:30am and then 10:50am. Most of the questions were very easy to answer. (Yes, we are sold out for gymnastics tonight. Just general admission left.) Well, all the questions I could answer. Some took longer to process. For example, I had a couple of people ask about Supercross and the gymnastics championships and such. It has been busy all day really. But I am glad there are other people here now. ... We will see how the rest of today goes. :)

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