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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missionary Binders

For each of my brother's missions for our church I put together a book binder with all of their letters. I even put in our letters to them when they brought them back home with them. So they have a book with the family's correspondence throughout their two year mission. Chad and Steven have already come and gone and they only have one binder each. I know Chad looks at it. He told me he enjoys having the book. The other day I was catching up on Eric's book so that it'll be ready when he gets home. Eric has so many letters that he has two books. I think it's because he sends an email every week in addition to his snail-mail letters. Eric has also been mailing a stack of letters (ours to him) back in sheet protectors when he sends a package. So I have already been able to complete the first half or so of his book. Chad and Steven only had their snail-mails letters so there wasn't as many papers to put in the book. Brian, who left in November on his mission, is also emailing every week so I have a feeling he will end up with two binders as well. lol. I have really enjoyed putting together these books for my brothers. It's sort of sad that after Brian's mission I won't ever do it again. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I had the idea for Chad. But it's been about six or seven years. (When did you go on your mission, Chad? lol.) I guess I'll just enjoy what time I have left gathering letters and putting them in a binder.

The spine labels of Eric's two books and Brian's book.

The letters and papers are in sheet protectors. This is Eric's first book.
P.S. Brian's book will probably change later. Right now it just has a fun font on paper. Not fun stickers on scrapbook paper like the other books. :)

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