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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day: Worth It or Not?

As I was creating some labels with stickers this morning I found some paper hearts and thought about Valentine's Day for a brief moment. Is V-Day really worth having? What is the purpose of the day? It seems like it's so commercialized that the day has lost all meaning for me and many of my generation. I really don't like Valentine's Day. I never really have. I like the sentiment of saying I love you to people you love. But I don't like the red roses or the cards or the boxes of chocolate. (Okay, I like the chocolate but not as a gift. What girl doesn't like chocolate?) I especially don't like all the red, white, and pink decorations that are associated with the holiday. All the hearts and cupids and mushy stuff. It's just too much. Can't Valentine's Day just be another day where we appreciate our family and friends and our loved ones without being bombarded by commercial ads to buy this or that? Can't I just have my day be normal without being asked when I'm going to date someone or if I have a special Valentine? I guess that the real reason way I don't like Valentine's Day. I am a single twenty-three year old girl with no boyfriend. I am content with that, for the most part. But people always ask me if there is someone special in my life, especially around February when people have Valentine's Day on their mind. I suppose that's also the reason why I like to wear green or blue on V-Day. I rebel against the day at all costs. lol. It's just a bonus that I don't like pink or despise red roses. Seriously, if my future boyfriend/husband ever reads this ... don't ever get me red roses. I am unique. Get me flower that is too.

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