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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thoughts That I have and Josh Groban

These past few weeks have been somewhat chaotic.

Eric and Carly are getting married in just over a week. And that's been happy-stressful. I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding party. Our dresses aren't getting here on time so we're going with completely different dresses. Grandma Higgins is going to make mine. I bought a pattern and fabric last night and I think I'll really like the dress. Right now I can't quite visualize it because I'm just so tired. lol.

With the wedding Mom and Amber and I threw Carly a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago. I was in charge of decorating and my idea wasn't coming together handmade. But I bought some decorations and it turned out way cute. I was very happy with how they turned out. I'll have to find some pictures of it all and post them.

Beyond the wedding stuff I've been working a lot. We had our last big event before the summer months. Supercross was on April 27 and it was super busy. We've had a few new people come to work with us. Some I get along with just fine. Other annoy me sometime. But I still get along with them.

There are some fun little camping trip vacations planned throughout the summer with the family. Mom and Dad are going to Alaska for one of Dad's conference things. They are taking extra time around the conference. So total they'll be gone 10 days. They are going in the first part of June. So they'll miss my actual 25th birthday on the 7th But that's okay. We'll celebrate when they get back. I don't have any personal vacations planned but we'll see what turns up later.

Since Josh Groban has a new CD out I knew that a tour was coming but on Monday (May 6th) they announced the actual North American tour dates. Yes. Josh Groban is coming to Salt Lake City. The problem was that I only had that night to decide if I was going and how many tickets to get. The Friends of Josh Groban (FOJG) presale started at 10am on Tuesday (May 7). I ended up buying three tickets. Mom and Carly are coming to the concert with me. I ended up getting really good seats. We're on row three in a really great section. It's right next to the stage on the floor. I'm really excited to see Josh Groban in concert. It's been years since I've been to a big arena concert. The last concert I went to in SLC was back in 2007. That's six years ago. The London concert (which was smaller and still tons of fun) was three years ago in 2010. Both concerts super fun but I miss seeing him live. I didn't go to the bigger concert for the Illuminations CD tour back 2011. And I was sad. So I decided I'm going to every single one for as long as I can possibly afford it. lol. Josh Groban puts on a fabulous concert.

I think that's all I had on my mind for now.

Have a great day!

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