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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vacation Debriefing

Well we really didn't have a good connection up at Flaming Gorge so I didn't watch the US Open. I did check the scores on Thursday and I found out that Roger Federer didn't make into the semifinals. He always loses when I want to watch but can't. It's not cool. lol. And because of rain in NYC the finals are delayed to Monday. Too bad I'll be working. Maybe it will be sort of a slow day and I can watch it. Ooh! We have ESPN at work. I can watch it on tv. lol.

Flaming Gorge was really fun. We toured part of the lake, went on hikes, played games, had campfires. Today we headed home but made a detour to Dinosaur National Monument. We haven't been there for ten or fifteen years. It was cool.

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