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Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday Fun

On Saturday I had a full fun-filled day.

First off 'The Last Airbender' new series aired Saturday morning. It's called 'The Legend of Korra' and it's about the new Avatar. The first two episodes were aired and they were really good. I think we are going to wait until the DVD comes out to watch them all. But I think I might watch them online every week. We went over to my cousin's house and watched it. He had a little viewing party with about eight people. That was fun.

We, my brother's and I and a friend, went downtown to the city library. They are having their biannual sale. I had heard about the sales before but never been to one. It was awesome. They had all these books and movies and CDs for sale for cheap. I spent $12 and got about 8 or 9 things. It was cool.

After the library, since we were downtown, we walked around City Creek for a bit. We watched one of the fountain shows. It was cool. But it wasn't the one with fire. It was still fun. It had music from 'Beauty and the Beast'. I had been to the mall before. It was a lot less crowded on Saturday then when I went. But I did go the second day it was open. lol. We went into some of the stores that I wanted to go in before but didn't because of all the people. Tiffany and Co. was really fun. It's sparkly in there. lol. We also went into the Disney store. That was fun. We ate at the food court since we were all hungry and it was lunchtime. We sat over by the kids play place because it was, surprisingly, more quiet over there.

I had my date with Colton on Saturday night. I had lots of fun and look forward to this weekend when we have another date. lol. We went to dinner at Cafe Rio because I don't remember ever being inside before. Then we went and saw 'The Hunger Games' movie because I had not seen it yet. Colton has previously seen the movie but he didn't mind seeing it again. I read the books not very long ago so everything was/is still fresh in my mind. I thought the movie followed the book very well. And I really liked the movie. It was very good. I thought the whole cast was great. I was a little leery of Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta but I think he was awesome. I think he is actually my favorite from the movie. lol. I look forward to seeing the second book in movie form which comes out in 2013. After the movie we went back to Colton's house and baked cookies for dessert.

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