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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eggs, Scales, and Pages

So I was typing and typing this blog post and then I hit some key and deleted the entire entry. Which is fine I can just undo it and it should come back, right? Wrong! Blogger auto-saved my blank document right when that happened. Normally I like the auto-save feature but not right now. I wish it was more like Microsoft Word's auto-save. It saves every 20 minutes after you initially save the document. Or something like that. I know it auto-saves at a good length of time, not after every minute of change. So yeah, now I have to retype all that I was talking about. And it was so long and good. I'm annoyed and not in the mood to retype it all. Grrr!

* Twelve hours later *

Okay, let’s type this …

For Easter Chad and Amber and family came and spent Sunday with us. Cayden and Laura are still adorable. lol. We colored eggs and I helped Cayden. First Cayden and I colored an egg using crayon while Mom mixed the dyes. Then we dipped it in green for a few seconds and Cayden was fascinated. The egg went from white to green before his very eyes. lol. After that we didn’t color with crayon. We proceeded to dye all dozen eggs that were allotted to Cayden different colors. He kept picking purple but I think that’s because it was the closest color to him. I am really surprised I didn’t get any dye on my clothes. We came close to spilling a few times. I had to keep reminding Cayden that the spoon stays in the cup. lol. I tried to vary the length of time that the egg got dyed so there was some sort of variety in color. I think Cayden had a lot of fun. I know Amber got some photos of Cayden egg dyeing. They are on her blog.

Since Kim and I haven’t had a girl’s night out for a few months we decided to plan one for this week. The plan is to go to dinner and a movie. I was actually thinking it’d be fun to see ‘The Hunger Games’. That will be fun to hang out with Kim. It’s been way to long since the two of us had our Girl night.

For FHE on Monday they played games outside. They had Capture the Flag and several Frisbees. We brought our Bocce ball set and played some of that with a few people few the first bit. Mostly I tossed a Frisbee around. Eric has this really awesome one that goes really far. I like that one. I can’t remember what it’s called. I think I got a few mosquito bites when the sun went down.

When we were leaving FHE I got asked on a date for this weekend. On Saturday I have a date with a guy named Colton. I really like talking with Colton we always laugh a lot. He is really funny. I have actually thought it’d be fun to go out with Colton but I haven’t asked him. So it’s nice that he asked me. lol. I’m not sure what we’re doing yet but it’ll be fun.

After FHE we watched TRON (the original, not TRON: Legacy) that Eric borrowed from the library. Colton and I weren’t really paying attention to the movie in the first place so we went upstairs and played on the Wii. We played a couple of rounds of Wii Sports golf. Then we switched over to LEGO Star Wars (which I have been slightly obsessed with that game lately. It’s really fun. I like it.) We played with some of the extras on like the one where all of our characters where glasses and mustache disguises. lol. General Grievous and C-3PO look really funny with those on. lol.

I fed Satine last week. The intent was to feed her two mice. But she only ate one. She killed both but she didn’t eat the second one. I’m not sure if she just didn’t want it or if her shedding (or lack thereof) contributed. She couldn’t really see of feel very well because she still had dead skin on her head. The night I fed her I let her alone in her cage. But the next afternoon I took her out and helped her shed all that skin off. She was flaky shedding so I just took a warm washcloth and rubbed from her neck to her tail a few times. Her dead skin came right off and she is so pretty. Then I went to town on getting the skin off her head. I carefully peeled off the skin from her nose and the chunk of skin went from her nose off her eyes and down her neck a little. It was cool. I had a little piece to get off the top of her head. But that was it really. Satine seemed so happy after she could see and breathe better. She still has some skin on her neck but if I can’t easily get it off then I leave it alone. I don’t want to hurt her. lol. When I was getting all the skin off of Satine (both her head and her body) she just sort of sat there. She seemed so relaxed. And she seemed really happy after she could see. lol. If she could smile I’m sure she would have.

For past couple of weeks I have been waiting for my book to get to the library. I few days ago I finally got it. I am reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. I have seen the BBC mini-series that was done a couple of years ago so reading the book is great. I don’t remember much of the show though so it’s still new to me. I do know that the Alexander character that she just met is not to be trusted. I keep telling her not to go because he is bad. But of course Tess doesn’t listen to me. lol.

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