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Monday, September 28, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

This past weekend was Salt Lake Comic Con. For the most part I had fun.

My friend, Kim, and I stayed downtown at the Little America hotel. It was a room. They need to sound proof their street side rooms more. We both woke up during the nights we were there.

I spent way too much money but it was worth it.

I bought all nine of RaShelle Workman's Blood and Snow series. She was so happy. She signed all nine.

I bought my first comic book. I like the tv show so I bought a Green Arrow book.

He is so buff.

I waited in line and had Felicia Day sign my copy of her book. She is so pretty and kind.

I bought Dean and Cas.

Now Sam has his friends.

I got an Impala "Baby" poster. This was my favorite.

I got an Impala "Baby" poster. This one is good too.

I bought a Jared Padalecki photo. This shot is one of my favorite ones.

See. Pretty. Yes. I paid to get a photo with Felicia Day. I asked her for a hug. It was so much fun meeting her.

This was not planned but Kim and I both got autographs from James and Oliver Phelps. They are so gorgeous in person.

I got these tiny, cute glass blown dragon earrings from Cute Glass.

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