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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Start Of A Beautiful Thing

About a month and a half ago I found this wonderful quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. I bought the pattern and have been hunting for the perfect fabric for weeks now.

I finally have all my colors in hand and I'm ready to start making this Aviatrix Medallion quilt.

Here is Elizabeth's original quilt in all solids. I love it so much.

I wanted to do a scrappy version but staying close to solids. So I thought of batiks. I looked online and ordered some fabrics I thought worked well together. But when I got them I saw that I need to sub out a handful of fabric colors because they didn't look well together. The final mix I have now is bright and gorgeous. It's just what I am wanting. Not all of the fabrics are now batiks but they are very basic tones so they still work very well with the fabrics I still have. Let me show you what I've picked out.

Left: My original thoughts for colors. Needed different blues and yellows.
Right: Final colors. The purple and gray are the only colors I didn't add too.
Left: Kona Ash for background.
Right: Kona Bone for accent white.

The gray fabric is actually what Elizabeth uses in her original quilt. I liked that combo so I got it too. But I'm putting in a different order. I like the varying gray colors mixed around, not in a row like the colors are.

I haven't bought backing or binding for this quilt yet. I couldn't decided on a color and I don't need to until later. I do like how she uses one of her grays for the binding. I might do the same. For the backing I actually had an idea to just sew large pieces of fabric together. Something like this. I would use the same fabric that I use in the top, of course, so it still coordinates together. Something fun but simple for the back is what I'm going for.

Now I'm all ready to cut the fabric ...

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