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Saturday, April 5, 2014

If I Rub The Lamp Do I Get Wishes

My lamp base is one that can be filled with something. When I was little it had fake flowers in it. For the past year or so it has just had strips of green scrapbook paper while I thought of something fun to put in it. Last week sometime I had this brilliant idea to take my lamp and fill it with colorful pom poms. So that's what I did today.

{Click on the photo to enlarge.}
I didn't want the whole lamp to be full of pom poms. I knew I could form some sort of spacer for the middle. I just didn't know what would work best. I tried flower arranging foam first. That was messy and I didn't like it. So I ended up making a cylinder out of scrapbook paper. I turned the lamp base upside down and put a layer of pom poms at the top. Then I put the cylinder filler in place. And I continued to fill the rest of the base. I screwed everything back together and now I have a fun lamp.

Messy floral arranging foam. I got it at the dollar store so I didn't feel bad throwing it away.

Scrapbook paper cylinder filler. I had a few pom poms fall in but I got them out before putting the other end of the cylinder on at the end.

The finished lamp back on my nightstand.

I love this lamp so much. It's so much fun to look at now. It will be even better when I get a new lamp shade. :)

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