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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Utes Football

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first football game. I don't know the rules and it's not my favorite sport. This is my third football season working at the University of Utah and I had never been to a game yet. One of my co-workers also has no idea what the rules to football are. But she had friends in the game so we joined them. We sat in the student section and it was pretty fun.

We were playing the 5th ranked team, Stanford University. And we, the Utah Utes, beat them. It was such an exciting game. I really liked being with all the students. They really like to be loud.

Sogal and I. (From my camera. It's a weird picture of me. I don't know what my chin is doing.)

I like this photo with the depth of field thing that is going on. It's cool. BTW we did not sit there. That was just the ticket that got us in.

Rushing the field because we won.

Seriously, tons of people go on the field. It's crazy.

This picture is way better of us two. It was taken on Sogal's phone.

And that was my experience of my first, and probably last, football game.

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