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Friday, July 26, 2013

Midweek Getaway

My family and I went on a midweek vacation this week. For the Pioneer Day holiday that occurs here in Utah we went down to Elsinore, UT which is right by Monroe, UT; about two and a half hours from us here in Salt Lake City.

Went went down on Tuesday evening. We didn't do anything that evening.

The next day, Wednesday, was Pioneer Day. We went to the parade in Monroe. We tried catching some candy and an otter pop or two but the kids in front of us really cleaned it up quick. lol.

While we were waiting for the parade we saw several hang gliders.

And a couple of small planes flew overhead.

These guys on stilts were cool.

Look! A tiny horse!

This was our stash of candy. It fit in the cup holder on our chair.

After the parade we went dirt biking on a great trail. The couple that invited us on this trip rode in their ATV, Mom and Dad went one one bike, and Steven and I went on the other bike. I had a lot of fun. The only thing was I did not sleep very the night before so in the afternoon near the end of the ride I got a little crabby. I just wanted to go back to the motor home and get out of the sun and do nothing.

Wednesday night we went and saw the fireworks at the park. It was nice. It reminded me a lot of the White Rock fireworks that we went to when I was a kid. (Here are some of my favorite shots.)

I like this one a lot.

For some reason I like this one two. It's so dainty.

This one is fun.

On Thursday we went on another ride that was much longer and had more roads and trails. We actually went on part of the Paiute ATV Trail which was quite fun. Steven and I did have a little mishap with the bike so I rode on the ATV for a bit while we rode along and passed someone with a socket wrench. But when we got back to the road I hopped back on. The rocky parts were just too much for the bike and two people I guess. It was really pretty up there. Lots of trees and flowers.

Steven and I were on the yellow bike. Mom and Dad were on the blue one.

This little field of flowers was really pretty.

Yay. Pretty butterfly.

This is Abby. She rode on the ATV with her owners. She looks so cute in her little goggles on.

I'm a little sore today and I'm tired. But I had a lot of fun going biking the past couple of days.

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