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Friday, October 26, 2012

Purple Words

Last week I decided to make my two pillow covers with that Ikea wordy fabric. I really do LOVE this fabric. It's so fun.

So I took these gold pillows that I bought a long time ago and took off their covers. And then after measuring and sewing some five-minute covers and put them on my white pillow forms.

Gold pillows before...

Wordy pillow after.
The word pillows are residing on my bed.

I also wanted an accent pillow for bed too. So using the extra purple fabric I had I covered a smaller pillow using this tutorial. I think it turned out adorable.

Now my bed is all pretty. And comfy. I winterized my bed last weekend too. Meaning I put my second comforter on the bed. During the winter I sleep with two comforters. :)

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