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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Purple and Gold

I have been thinking about my Esmeralda costume for Halloween. My version is a simplified version of her main outfit. The skirt will be purple. I bought the fabric a week or so ago. I just need to sew the skirt. I'll have a white blouse top, which I need to find. She needs her gold bangles and earrings. I got some the other week too. And I really like them. I think I want to find a thick bangle to like she has on her left wrist. The ones I got are the thin ones. I even have a gold anklet I can wear. In order to incorporate her teal corset in my version I was thinking of having her skirt wrap be teal. (It's the dark purple fabric in the above picture.) I also plan on having her pink headband. I need to find a pattern for that. Also I need to get the perfect pink fabric. I think it would be fun to dye my hair black or find a long black wig that I could wear. But if not then my normal brown hair will work fine. I also want to find a tambourine or even a goat stuffed animal.. I think that would be fun.

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