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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedded Bliss

It's not my wedded bliss. I'm not engaged yet. lol. It's my trip to Colorado last week.

For the past week I and my brother, Eric, have been hanging out in Colorado. It was so nice and relaxing. We drove there in my car. We drove there on Wednesday. And I, primarily, went for my high school best friend's wedding which was Thursday afternoon/evening. Eric came to parkour and just hang out. I went with him to a few places. But mostly we just had a good time hanging with our host family and each other. I always have fun when Eric and I go on road trips together. (Which I think we have done a couple of times. Going to/from Utah and Colorado.)

Like I said this trip was for a wedding. I had tons of fun at the wedding on Thursday. It was up in Estes Park and it was gorgeous, if slightly warm, weather. Kristine and Tyler both looked awesome. They were emotional and it was perfect. They are SO cute together. After the ceremony there was a dinner and then dancing. They ceremony started at 4:30pm and I didn't leave until 11pm. I was having so much fun dancing and being with Kristine. We really need to stay in touch. lol.

While I was at the wedding Eric went to Boulder to hang out and parkour at a gym over there. It's also one reason why I stayed so late at the wedding. He had the car and didn't get back to Estes Park until we all were going home.

On Friday and Saturday Eric and I went and parkoured. Well, he did the parkouring. I filmed and took photos. It was insanely hot while we were in Colorado. I am pretty sure on Friday and Saturday when we were outside walking around it was over 100 degrees. Surprisingly, I didn't get sunburned at all. I got kind of irritated on Saturday probably because of the heat and I wasn't drinking enough.

We had late nights but since we didn't have any plans we were able to just sleep in the next day. I did bring two books because I knew I'd be finishing the first one while we were there. But I didn't read as much as I thought I would. I probably read less then ten chapters total. I had to have read at least five. Because I read the last three chapters of Eragon and then I read a couple in Eldest.

Eric and I brought a cooler for some water and snacks to have in the car. We ended up bringing it in the house during the night/morning because our frozen water was thawing out and then in turn the candy was getting soft. We brought a box of candy bars, a bag of trail mix, granola bars, and a bag of Skittles and Starbursts. With the Starbursts I got a lot of wrappers/links for my chain. It was awesome. And there are still more candies to eat.

Our host family was very nice and let us stay with them the whole week. We were planning on staying with five different families, one for each night, but due a tragic accident we ended staying with one family the whole time. Well, Sunday night we did stay with another family for the night.

(Tragic accident involves a canoe capsizing with three kids who weren't wearing their life-jackets. One teenage kid going missing while the other two were able to get back okay. People looked for him all that day and finally found him the next morning. He drowned. He was 17 and I knew him when we lived in Colorado.)

While we were there we got to see 'Brave' with some friends. That movie is so cute. I really liked it.

The High Park fire right near Fort Collins made some days smell smokey. I was having flashbacks to the Cerro Grande fire that I was a part of. Fires suck. And there are so many that are burning right now all over the west in the USA right now. It's not cool. We need rain. Everyone, pray for rain. I got some cool pictures of the smoke and sunsets though. lol.

Smoke and the Sunset

Other cool photos I took were on the way to Colorado.

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