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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!

Just a quick little hello. I have a few goals this year.

This year I want to be more consistent about blogging. At least keeping updated on quilty projects and books I've read.

I'd like to finish my quilts that are in progress. I have a few that need to go to the quilter and then binding and that's it. I am doing a Half-Square Triangle block of the month quilt this year. I'm excited to learn some tricks and get that started. I plan on staying on top of that project.

I have set my Goodreads goal to read 30 books this year. I had the same number this past year but I didn't quite meet that. I read 28 books. So we'll see how it goes in 2016. I do have several books in mind to read this year. Some of which are all of the books I got for Christmas. I'd like to reread the Harry Potter series. I have not reread that series since I read the seventh book. And I'd like to continue reading with the Swords and Spells book club on Goodreads if that continues. (They haven't set a book for January yet.)

Some random organizing goals. Keep my room less messy. Make my bed every morning. Fold the laundry after it is clean. Don't let the downstairs kitchen get cluttered with dirty dishes as often.

I'd like to try and do more yoga. I think I was/am getting bored of the pilates dvd that I have so I bought yoga dvds to switch it around some.

As for financial goals, I'd like to save more money. I want to spend less money. I want to create a budget and stick to it. I want to be able to afford a new car this year or next year. So that means buying less fabric and books.

That's about all that I can think up right now.

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