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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thoughts on Randomness

I've been thinking about the Saturday Song post videos and I think I want to redo them all to be boring and simple. lol. Maybe if there is an official video I'll link it to the post. So I gonna be doing that in the next month or so.

I have been looking around for ideas for Christmas presents and I keep getting distracted. One such distraction made me want to make a book clutch. Very similar to this one. Using books for some projects is pretty cool. There are several projects I think I want to try someday. Like these ... book of envelopes (would be great for receipts and money and other flat things in my purse or bag), bookends made with booksbook spine "rug", book page hearthollow books (I have one but I want a couple more), and a laptop cover. I mostly like the idea of attaching a zipper to a book spine on that last one. But it would be a cool for a phone case or trinkets that I keep in my purse/bag. I just really like books even when they are used in unconventional ways.

Yesterday I bought gas for my car using all coins. I really, really needed gas so I had to break open my piggy bank and use that. I'm sad about that. I've been collecting it for a long time. I paid $18 and $5 of that was pennies. The cashier really liked getting the pennies because she was completely out. lol. It only filled my tank about half way so I'll need to get more in a few days. But it's helps me until payday this Wednesday.

I have been moving into my room this past week or so, still. I'm almost done. And I have to be done before Dad is finished with the bathroom. He thinks he'll be done on Thursday which kind of sucks for me because I work all day today, Wednesday, and Thursday. But I'm off Friday. Anyways, I have been slowly sorting through all the junk I have and putting it away. I want everything to have it's own place so that I can keep my room more organized then the previous room. I still have lots of space so I'm hoping that goal can be achieved.

I also have been trying to think of a cheap but fun thing to fill my lamp base with. I need to make a trip over to the dollar store and see what little things they have there. I was thinking cracked marbles (in green, teal, and clear) or ornaments would be easy and still look cool. Eventually, I do want to get a new slim lampshade for that lamp. And I have even been thinking about painting it silver. It is gold right now. I like silver a lot better. It looks fine in the room with the gold because the mirrors have gold and the light fixture has gold. So maybe once I fill the base I like the gold. Right now it's pretty much empty so I am not too fond of it.

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